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Day 1: Log 1
Doctor, what have you got us into this time?

I wasn't sure, at first. I mean, sure, everyone I recognize here I know because of you, but then there were the others. But then I realized, sure, you may have looked like you were marching off to your death last time I saw you, but that doesn't mean you were. I mean, I've never seen you do that regeneration thing you talk about, but you did tell me about it. Just because there are people here I don't know, doesn't mean they couldn't know you, in your past or even your future.

God, I sound like I'm blaming you. I'm not, honest. I'm just...worried about you. About what you'll do when you find out about this. Because it's exactly the sort of thing your enemies would do, set a trap and bait it with the people you care about. I know you. You can't resist that. But if I'm right? If this is a trap? Don't you dare go wandering on in here and springing it, at least not without a plan. I mean, you know us. You know we can look after ourselves. So, let us.

This is silly. It's not as though you're ever going to see this. I don't even know why I'm addressing it to you, except, well, I suppose this sort of thing does tend to bring you to mind. I really thought I was done with it though, this time, and I was okay with that. I was happy, honestly.

Oh, to hell with it. Doctor, if you do see this somehow, will you tell Mickey and Ricky I'm all right? And my Mum and Dad and Leo and Tish? Look after my family, will you, until I can get back? That's the best thing you could do for me, right now.
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