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thedoctorsdr's Journal

Martha Jones - the Doctor's doctor
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Where our story begins...

It's been years since Martha saw the Doctor last and she's okay with that. Oh, every so often when she and Mickey get into a pickle, she'll think about picking up her mobile and phoning that still-familiar number, but they almost always get out of it on their own instead (Mickey likes to say he knocks them down and she stitches them up), so the phone stays in her pocket.

Her mum, on the other hand, Martha calls nearly every day: to tell her that she's okay, Mickey's okay, they've made it through another day safely in this life they've carved out for themselves as freelance planetary defenders. She calls Dad and Tish and Leo all the time, too--after a year left wondering and worrying about each other's fates, none of them are willing to go very long without saying "I love you." Leo may not entirely understand why his family's become so touchy-feely of late--mercifully he alone was spared having to remember that awful year, though of course they told him about it--but he's happy enough to reap the benefits of it.

Martha can't remember when she was so happy. She's not traveling through time and space anymore, but she's still having adventures--the life she and Mickey lead could hardly be described as anything else. She's helping people, just like she's wanted to do ever since she was a girl. And best of all, she's doing it all with a partner by her side who adores her as much as she does him, a son who's the light of her life, and with the full trust and support of the family who once saw her more as a referee than anything.

She doesn't even think about the Doctor that much anymore. Oh, sometimes she wonders how and what he's doing these days--he didn't exactly look well, after all, the last time she saw him--but there's no room in her life to obsess over him anymore, even if she were still so inclined.

Naturally it's too good to last...

(RPG account for Martha Jones-Smith from Doctor Who.)